"Just superb, best drone footage I’ve seen, Stunning, dynamic and boosts your production value through the roof."

Rhys Jones, Director/Executive Producer 'The Whovians'

"I used skynet for my aerial photography for my film Araneae Dei. They produced the most beautiful shots that really took the film to the next level. All through our communication they were incredibly helpful and open to creative ideas, they worked in tandem with me the director in a very organic way. This is very important when you are working on something with a very tight schedule. Their prices are very competitive and you are getting so much for your money, which was so important for our low budget. A company with a lot of heart and not just wings! Thank you sky-net we look forward to working with you again."

Maxine Fone, Director/Executive Producer 'Araneae Dei'

"Welcoming john edwards into St John's with the 'drone technology' has been a great experience for us. John has circumnavigated historical statues and artefacts while being mindful of the sanctity of the building while filming. I commend his work and business to you."

Fr. John Pritchard, St John Evangelist Church- Upper Norwood

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