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Benefits of Sky Net UAV OSMO

Smooth motion – stabilised camera platforms (GIMBAL) Perfectly stable imagery, even with long exposure

Low disruption – no noise or disruption ensuring events, performances, or business as usual can carry on as normal when filming is underway

Watch live-view of filming, enabling real-time Art Direction

4K quality images (3840x2160), twice the definition of HD


High quality live download

Imagery from a completely new perspective, capture scale and movement that traditional methods cannot rival.

Fully qualified pilots

Fully insured

All permissions and CAA requirements included in our service.

Special Events

Whatever your event, from weddings, sports, music, we know that it is important to record your special day (or days!) Our footage has been used promotionally or as a personal reminder, providing a unique perspective for each. We can also tailor filmed content to include basic editing, from text to music, working with you to understand the best way to ensure you get the best of your content. We are also happy to work with existing photographers and production companies, to provide extra capabilities ‘out-of-house’.

Places of interest

We can help with promotional video and images, mapping, surveying and celebrating places of interest. How better to showcase your beautiful estate, glorious golf course, extensive range or stunning location than to give a bird’s eye view of all you have to offer. Not only can we demonstrate scale and context with our UAVs, the high quality technology onboard means we can also focus in on specific areas or features of interest, matching traditional photography, with the added benefits of aerial imagery too.


NDAs mean we cannot go into detail for commercial projects.

Survey & Inspection

UAVs are quiet and non disruptive so the perfect way to inspect difficult to reach areas in architecture, or for example stained glass, without the need for expensive unsightly and disruptive scaffolding.

If you are mapping land boundaries or inspecting building sites, our imagery can help, giving you a real-time view of filming (for you to view remotely or on site) with the ability to communicate directly with our pilot, ensuring you have full control of the camera view.


If you are interesting in qualifying for a BNUC-S course and are interested in training with us, if you need an observer whilst you qualify, or if you would like to experience a taster one-day flying experience, get in touch! Email and tell us what you are most interested in.